Online Shop

Online Shop

Sun Valley are pleased to announce "Bar Snacks Online" - our new online shop.

A range of our Sun Valley products are now available to purchase online; delivered straight to your door via Courier.

If you have larger volume requirements, please contact us to discuss this - we can quickly establish the best purchasing mechanism for you. 

Sales Team (New Customer Enquiries)
+44 (0)151 482 7147/7100 

Customer Services / Order Processing
0800 917 8181 (UK only) / +44 (0)151 482 7100/7108 




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Jim of Kent ....... Sun Valley say "Peanut Perfection" on the pack and I have to agree with them; if you like salted peanuts go on and spoil yourself with some of Sun Valley's finest!

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Chilli Nuts - quality nuts. Some chilli nuts are more about heat than flavour, but these are an excellent mix of hotness and a delightful savoury assault on your taste buds. Excellent value too.

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Michael Candy - These are the best Wasabi flavoured peanuts, in my opinion, available. We first had these in our local hostelery and became addicted.