Online Shop

Online Shop

Sun Valley are pleased to announce "Bar Snacks Online" - our new online shop.

A range of our Sun Valley products are now available to purchase online; delivered straight to your door via Courier.

Both new and existing Customers can purchase these products.  This will benefit our existing Customers who already have accounts set up with us, who can simply login, place their order and this will go on to their credit account and new Customers, who can place their orders and make payment via American Express, Master Card, PayPal or Visa.

If you have larger volume requirements, please contact us to discuss this - we can quickly establish the best purchasing mechanism for you. 

Sales Team (New Customer Enquiries)
+44 (0)151 482 7147/7100 

Customer Services / Order Processing
0800 917 8181 (UK only) / +44 (0)151 482 7100/7108 




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Jim of Kent ....... Sun Valley say "Peanut Perfection" on the pack and I have to agree with them; if you like salted peanuts go on and spoil yourself with some of Sun Valley's finest!

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Chilli Nuts - quality nuts. Some chilli nuts are more about heat than flavour, but these are an excellent mix of hotness and a delightful savoury assault on your taste buds. Excellent value too.

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Michael Candy - These are the best Wasabi flavoured peanuts, in my opinion, available. We first had these in our local hostelery and became addicted.